My interview with Joel Goza, author of America’s Unholy Ghosts. This is a wide-ranging discussion on faith, politics and race, and very few sacred cows survive unscathed.

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  1. Brett

    Bill, I thank you so much for your continued attempts to provide much needed perspective to what’s going on. I am encouraged by your humility and willingness to listen. You are very wise, yet you continue to let others do most of the talking. I appreciate that through it all, you remind me that it’s about our way forward as people (and the Church) and more importantly our hope in Jesus.

    I went back and listened to this episode yesterday, in light of all that is going on. Joel Goza definitely touches on some things that I have said before, some I have thought but couldn’t articulate, and some that I have never even thought of.

    Would you mind if I shared on social media?

    • admin

      Hi Brett! Yes, that would be fine – you can share anything you want from these episodes. Thanks!