How do we protect ourselves from lending support to something horrible? What are the narratives we build for ourselves to rationalize that support? Are we good people? A multitude of thoughts on this topic in this episode.

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  1. Brett Johnson

    Mr. Bill, so thankful for this podcast. Often times you, and those you interview, are able to convey things that I have been thinking. I believe your challenge, of the “we’re good people” mindset in this episode, is valid. I often get caught up in an attitude of “I wouldn’t do that” or “I’m better than that”, and forget I’m not good. Lastly, I wholeheartedly agree that many people often get caught in an us versus them mentality. More often than not (in politics, religion, etc.) what we need to seek is reconciliation. I am hopeful that your biblical perspectives will cultivate thoughts and conversations to move us forward.

  2. admin

    Thanks Brett! Hope you and yours are doing well!