Season 2, Episode 4: Peacmakers

This is the first half of a two-part interview with my daughter Bethany and her husband Thomas, in which we take a look at the conflict in our country and discuss the causes and the possible remedies. They also share the wonderful story of their pandemic wedding.

(Note: below is the link to Guest Artist, the movie I mention in the early part of the episode that Thomas is co-starring in with Jeff Daniels. In very early downloads of this episode I said it was on Netflix – I have no idea why! *sigh* I have corrected that.)

Season 2, Episode 2: Counter-Intuitive Solidarity

An interview with my wife Jill regarding her journey of listening to and learning from the voices of people of color.

The title of this episode was coined by Dr. Drew Hart and describes the practice of listening to and believing the lived experiences and stories of others even when their stories seem foreign to us.

Helpful resources:

Be the Bridge (

Netflix Documentary: 13th (

The On Ramp podcast (

Dr. Drew Hart (

The New Jim Crow (

Season 1, Episode 34: Enough

In this episode I wonder when we will have finally had enough of conspiracy theories, ends-justify-the-means thinking, and the grief at another unarmed black man killed by the police.

Season 1, Episode 32: Seeing the Other

Part 1 of my interview with Ira Hall, in which we discuss lots of things, including how difficult it can be to see things from someone else’s point of view and within their life experiences.